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Dry CureD Pork

Farm Gate Produce are now selling totally free range, gluten free, nitrate free, preservative free black pork salamis and chorizo.

Luca and Paolo the owners of Otellos have been living in New Zealand for over ten years. Originally from the Lombardia region South of Milan they both learned to prepare artisan made cured meats and sausages from their grand parents and their parents.

Otello’s have by traditional Italian process salted and hung to dry Farm Gate’s free range black pork to produce extraordinary products.

All our products are gluten free, cured with organic seasoning and contain no additives or preservatives.

The Italian way requires time and quality meat together with a great deal of knowledge and experience handed down from generations. This is the reason behind the venture of Otello’s and The Farm Gate. Same vision and values behind every single product - just like a perfect Italian Wedding!!!!

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Paolo and Luca - the owners of Otellos